8 Other Early Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies


8) Spring-Heeled Jack


Back in the 1840s, there was a widespread urban legend that terrified the populace of Ye Olde London Town. According to this legend, a man with devil horns and the ability to leap huge bounds (some claimed he could even breathe fire) was said to be assaulting ladies in the night. The story caught on and the so-called Spring-Heeled Jack became the star of Victorian pulp magazines (nicknamed Penny Dreadfuls). In those, however, Jack became less of a monster and more of a vigilante who roamed the rooftops, dishing out justice.

Hailing from around a hundred years before superheroes became a thing, if early heroes are set to make a bit of a comeback on the big screen, then why not make a movie of the earliest one of all? Spring-Heeled Jack is basically a Victorian Batman, and there’s no way you could say you wouldn’t want to see a film featuring a character like that.

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