8 Ridiculous Superman Characters You Will Never See In The Movies

8) Toyman


In the grand tradition of supervillains needing a gimmick, Winslow Schott’s is – you’ve got it – toys. His MO is that he makes toy-like devices with murderous twists – you know, acid-spraying water pistols, toy soldiers that shoot real bullets, that sort of thing. A recurring enemy of Supes during the Golden Age of Comics, he has surprisingly lasted over the years.

The Toyman has likewise had an impressive career on TV, appearing in Smallville, Lois & Clark: The New Superman Adventures and most recently, Supergirl (in which his son is a main character). The DC Animated Universe also sported a clever reinvention of the character – as he wears a chilling ever-smiling doll’s head.

However, while the larger-than-life villain fits perfectly on those lighter-hearted shows, he is never going to be one that Zack Snyder adds to his cinematic toybox.