97% Of Marvel Fans Stay For The Post-Credits Scenes


With just three days to go until the release of Avengers: Endgame, Fandango has surveyed its users on their regular MCU viewing rituals, and as it turns out, an overwhelming majority choose to remain in their seats when the credits start rolling.

In a poll of moviegoers planning to see the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War sequel, 97% said that they routinely stay for the post-credits scenes of each MCU flick. 79%, meanwhile, are surprised when other people leave the theater once the credits start rolling.

As the concluding chapter of the saga’s current era, fans are especially keen to see what last-minute teases Endgame has to offer, with many hoping for a glimpse of things to come in Marvel’s Phase 4. That being said, at the film’s Los Angeles premiere last night, the credits were cut off for a cast speech, and according to recent reports, that’s because the movie doesn’t actually have any post-credits scenes.

We can already hear the disappointed outcries from audience members as they realize they sat through all those technical credits for nothing. Still, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has claimed on more than one occasion that the real value of the post-credits scenes is that they encourage viewers to stick around and look at the names of all the people who worked on each movie. If so, then maybe filmgoers are about to learn that lesson the hard way.

In any case, despite the latest reports, you can bet that many viewers will remain through the final minutes, if only from wishful thinking. But while Avengers: Endgame may not have anything to offer after the credits have finished rolling, this 3-hour film should still have plenty of content to leave Marvel fans giddy when it arrives in theaters on April 26th.

Source: Deadline