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A bargain basement fantasy actioner sneaks up on the streaming charts

A surprising turnaround for a movie most people have never heard of.

The Huntress: Rune of the Dead
via White Pearl Movies

There’s no telling which titles have the potential to break out from the pack and find an unexpected new lease of life on-demand, but even the oracles would surely have failed to predict that The Huntress: Rune of the Dead would be among them.

The Scandinavian combination of fantasy, action, adventure, and historical epic hardly made much of a splash upon its initial release back in 2019, but Prime Video subscribers have taken it to their hearts. As per FlixPatrol, the movie has become a Top 10 success story in several nations, with audiences being struck by the same notion at roughly the same time.

The Huntress: Rune of the Dead
via White Pearl Movies

A 5/10 user rating on IMDb from close to 4000 votes hints that average is the best to be expected, not that paying customers of Amazon’s platform seem to mind in the slightest. Moa Enqvist Stefansdotter leads the cast as Runa, who finds herself haunted by recurring nightmares following her father’s disappearance as part of a viking raiding party.

While out hunting as part of her newfound duties as head of the family, she happens upon a wounded warrior who has news of her old man’s circumstances, which is tied directly to the visions she’s been experiencing in her sleep. From there, it soon transpires that something wicked her way comes, forcing Runa to defend her loved ones with everything she’s got.

Not a terrible effort by any stretch, but one that’s very obviously been made by a passionate group of filmmakers on a fairly thrifty budget, The Huntress: Rune of the Dead has at least been capturing new fans and minds among the streaming subset as we head into the weekend.

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