A beloved Ryan Reynolds film is shaking up Netflix

Ryan Reynold’s beloved family film The Croods is finding new life on streaming. 

According to FlixPatrol, The Croods is a top ten movie in the following apps: Netflix and iTunes. On Netflix, the comedy is widely popular in various countries including, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile. At the same time, those in Latvia and Slovakia are viewing the film on iTunes. It’s also the 11th most popular film worldwide on Netflix.

The Croods follows a prehistoric family of five that appears to be living during a difficult time after their cave was destroyed. Throughout the film, the family routinely gathers food by day and comes together at night when a more experienced caveman named Guy (Reynolds) comes into the picture. At first, Reynold’s character is distrustful, but the family ultimately finds out that his remarks about the upcoming destruction of their world are correct.

The film also stars Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman, Randy Thom, and Chris Sanders. Upon its release in 2013, The Croods has generated $587.2 million worldwide compared to the $65 million budget. In addition to the commercial success, The Croods was also nominated for several awards, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe or Best Animated Feature.

The film spawned video games and a television series that streamed on Netflix in 2015. The Croods sequel was later released in 2020. Although The Croods: A New Age found success in the box-office it didn’t surpass the original film’s revenue. It only generated $215.9 million globally. 

The Croods is currently streaming on Netflix and iTunes.