A Bespectacled Finn Wolfhard Features In New Photo From Andy Muschietti’s It Reboot


You may know him as Mike Wheeler from Netflix phenom Stranger Things, but later this year, the up-and-coming Finn Wolfhard will be tackling a very different breed of supernatural horror in It.

Headed up by director Andy Muschietti, Wolfhard’s character, Richie Tozier, is one part of the Losers Club, who spend their days fending off bullies and otherworldly – and downright immortal – clowns. If early set photos are any indication, Tozier is one of the first children to be abducted by Pennywise, given his face adorned a recent missing child flyer from the Derry Police Department. That’s the small, rural town in which It takes place.

Today brings forth a new, presumably pre-Pennywise look at Wolfhard, who certainly looks the part as Richie Tozier. What’s interesting about Muschietti’s two-part adaptation is that New Line has earmarked Stranger Things as inspiration, which itself took cues from King’s horror classic early on in development. Finn Wolfhard isn’t the only piece of connective tissue tying the two retro-inspired properties together, then, but he’s no doubt a welcome addition to the cast. Here’s a new look at the actor on set, courtesy of Barbara Muschetti:

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Also starring Jaeden Lieberher, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs and Jeremy Ray Taylor, It will summon the demented trickster into theaters across the globe on September 8th of this year. Providing the box office figures are to New Line’s liking, the studio has tentatively mapped out plans for a second and conclusive adaptation, which will see the Losers Club confront Pennywise as adults. We’ll be keeping a close eye on that potential sequel as time wears on.

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