A Christmas Classic Is Coming Soon To Disney+

As spooky season winds down and the holiday season comes up to bat, fans are ready for the joy and warm-fuzzies that Christmas often brings. It’s been a long year for many of us, a long couple of years, and it’s no surprise that people just want to be surrounded with the feel-good.

One way that happens around the holidays is, of course, in film and television. From classic holiday movies to the slew of romantic films on networks like Hallmark and Lifetime — there’s a lot of love and hot chocolate to go around.

There’s also a lot of laughter, and Christmas comedies are a hit for many viewers across the entertainment realm. One stand-out holiday film features our favorite guy Ernest on a Christmas adventure. Ernest Saves Christmas brings comedy, family, and those warm fuzzies we mentioned earlier to your living room.

Disney Plus is bringing a treat home to fans of Ernest next month. That’s right, just in time for Christmas, fans can watch the holiday-themed Ernest favorite starting November 26th.

If you’ve yet to see the magic that is Ernest Saves Christmas, the synopsis is as follows:

Santa Claus is looking for his successor, and hapless taxi driver Ernest P. Worrell is just the man to help him out. Traveling to Florida to pass his mantle on to children’s show host Joe Carruthers, Santa gets into unexpected trouble, and it’s up to Ernest, along with a teen girl named Harmony, to assist Saint Nick with his important mission, or the future of Christmas could be in jeopardy.

Keep an eye out for more Christmas-themed films coming your way via various streaming platforms over the next few weeks; as always — we’ll keep you covered.

Don’t forget to watch Ernest Saves Christmas on Disney Plus starting Nov. 26th, 2021.