A clever Potterhead may have finally explained Dumbledore’s most confusing line

There are plenty of strange things within the Harry Potter series that isn’t made perfectly clear by the books or films, and one of those takes place in The Sorcerer’s Stone. After the sorting of new students takes place at Hogwarts, Dumbledore addresses the students with four words that seemingly make no sense at all.

“Nitwit!, Blubber!, Oddment!, Tweak!”, these are four of the first four words that Dumbledore says to the students at Hogwarts, but what do they mean?

This question has been pondered for the longest time, and many have tried to put together a logical answer. One of the more popular theories suggests that Dumbledore was summarizing each house using a word corresponding to their strengths. Many don’t buy this though and with its interpretation still up for debate, a Harry Potter fan has shared their theory which while simple could actually make some sense.

According to Reddit user No_Deer, these four words aren’t random words and instead are names. As they explain in their post, Dumbledore says these names to greet the house-elves that will be bringing dinner to the students shortly after the words are uttered.

“It’s like he’s finishing his start-of-the-year talk and he’s signaling to the house elves that this is the right tinting to pop up food. He even adds a “thank you” at the end.”

Whether you buy this theory or not, it is one of the more unique ones out there, and there isn’t a lot of contradicting evidence. Regardless, we may never know exactly what Dumbledore meant, however, this is some fun fan canon.