A Comedy Horror Classic Is Taking Over Netflix For Halloween

A comedy horror classic is taking over Netflix just in time for Halloween. With All Hallow’s Eve now just a few days away, Netflix subscribers worldwide are binging the platform’s spooky season content, new and old. The top 10 most-watched movies in the world this Thursday, for example, include four horror films, three of which are recent original titles. The other is cult favorite 2000 slasher spoof Scary Movie.

Mostly a mash-up of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scary Movie stars Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Shannon Elizabeth and Shawn and Marlon Wayans as a bunch of teens who are slowly picked off by a Ghostface mask-wearing killer, one year after they accidentally murdered someone. Other then-recent blockbusters that are lampooned include The Blair Witch Project, The Sixth Sense and, weirdly, The Matrix.

A film like Scary Movie is never going to be a critical favorite, but its mixed reviews didn’t matter in the face of its enormous commercial success. On the back of a tiny $19 million budget, it earned $278 million at the global box office. It’s no wonder the Wayans – who also wrote the screenplay – got everyone back together for Scary Movie 2 a year later. Faris and Hall returned for two more sequels, sans Wayans, before Scary Movie 5, featuring an all-new cast, ended the series in disappointing fashion in 2013.

Despite it being over 20 years old, it seems folks on Netflix still enjoy checking out the original Scary Movie, as it’s currently the tenth most popular title on Netflix around the world today, as per the latest stats from Flix Patrol. Other horrors in the current top 10 ranking include Polish slasher sequel Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 (#7), Night Teeth (#2) and Hypnotic (#1), the platform’s latest big new release.