A Comedy You’ve Never Heard Of Is Dominating Streaming

Thanks to streaming platforms like HBO Max, it’s easier than ever before to find new movies and shows to watch that even the biggest pop culture nerds may have never heard of. It’s no surprise if you haven’t heard of this dark comedy from Mexico but it’s so popular it’s been remade in several languages and a full English remake is in the works at Netflix right now.

Nosotros los Nobles, known as The Noble Family in English, is actually based on a 1949 Mexican film called The Great Madcap you’ve likely never heard of either. Both are still hilarious, with The Noble Family still being so full of laughs that it’s become the third most popular movie on HBO Max according to stats from FlixPatrol.

“Three spoiled children (Luis Gerardo Méndez, Karla Souza, Juan Pablo Gil) are cut off from the family fortune and forced to get jobs.”

Those who want to see why The Noble Family is still so popular today after its release back in 2013 can find it streaming now on HBO Max in select countries.