A Controversial 9/11 Film Is Taking Over Streaming

United 93 was the first movie to depict the events of 9/11, it was met with mixed and odd reactions from all. Some movie-goers were distraught by in-theater trailers for the film, while filming was held in London to avoid unwanted attention.

Still, it was met with critical praise in the post-9/11 media scape, seemingly opening the gates for more patriotic, nationalistic renditions of the day that similarly decontextualize the united states’ imperial power and seek to justify a war on terror that has killed millions more civilians than were lost that day.

But rom Metacritic to film festivals, and even Hulu where FlixPatrol reports the film was the ninth most popular movie on the entire platform, the narrative has shown staying power.

The film infamously concluded with the credits: America’s War on Terror had begun. It’s still going, and these stories reaffirm some empty commitment to the war machine. And that ideological commitment effects the movie itself. For all it’s talk about historical accuracy, the film famously reaffirms ideals of American bravery with conjecture on the passengers’ beliefs and actions — at the expense of the memory of the non-American’s known to be on the flight.

The two-time Academy Award nominated film pulled in an impressive $76.3 million dollars originally at the box office. Those who want to see United 93 and decide its merits — or lack-there-of — can find it streaming now on Hulu.