A controversial documentary is shooting up the Netflix charts

137 shots

As per FlixPatrol, controversial documentary 137 Shots is one of Netflix’s Top 10 movies in the United States. The doc showcases the public outrage against law enforcement personnel after police officers claimed the lives of numerous Black individuals in Cleveland, Ohio, including Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell. Williams and Russell were 30 and 43-years-old respectively when they were killed after being shot 137 times by officers.

The incident occurred in November 2012, following a 22-minute police chase in the downtown Cleveland area. At the time, cops claimed that Russell and Williams fired shots at them while they drove past the squad car. It was later determined that the proclaimed shooting sound was in fact the victims’ vehicle backfiring.

137 shots

Over 60 cops took part in the 23-mile chase that ultimately left the vehicle surrounded. At the same time, 13 officers shot 137 rounds at Williams and Russell, killing both parties. One of the officers involved in the shootout was charged with two counts of voluntary manslaughter and later acquitted in 2015, which eventually led to a peaceful protest, while five other cops were also charged with dereliction of duty. 

In 2016, six Cleveland officers were reportedly fired because of their involvement in Williams and Russell’s killings. The officers were identified as Michael Brelo, Wilfredo Diaz, Brian Sabolik, Erin O’Donnell, Michael Farley, and Chris Ereg.

Following the deaths of Williams and Russell, the victims’ families filed a suit against the city of Cleveland and were awarded a $3 million settlement in 2014. 137 Shots is a difficult watch, but one Netflix subscribers are checking out in their numbers.