A creature feature that sucks even by bargain basement standards bites the Top 10 on streaming


The VOD market is flooded on an almost weekly basis by cheap and cheerful creature features that seem to settle upon a title by throwing various names, animals, and adjectives into a random generator and then writing the screenplay based on what comes out.

There might not be much method to the madness, but you can guarantee that sharks are typically going to emerge as the preferred predator. Whether we’re talking the Sharknado franchise, Sharks of the Corn, Sharktopus, Dinoshark, Sharkula, or any of the rest, they all share a sense of dumb fun that appeals to the diehard fanbase.

Despite being a very bad movie on almost every conceivable level, last year’s Megalodon Rising commits the unforgivable sin of being completely unremarkable. And yet, for reasons that can’t be fathomed, it’s managed to become one of the most-watched titles on a major streaming service.


As per FlixPatrol, the lazy sequel to 2018’s Megalodon has ascended to eighth position on the Hulu charts, despite being irredeemably abysmal. It’s pretty much a straight swap from the first installment, albeit with the Chinese replacing the Russians as the human baddies, with Tom Sizemore stepping in for Michael Madsen as the “slumming guest star”, while Wynter Eddins’ Captain Lynch is the sister of Caroline Harris’ Commander Lynch from the opener.

None of this matters because you won’t care in the slightest, but at least there’s a hint of continuity running through Megalodon Rising, even if we can’t quite comprehend why Hulu subscribers have taken it to their hearts.