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A D-list creature feature randomly produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon tears flesh from streaming bone

Not the sort of project you'd expect to see from the A-list duo.

via Dimension Films

Between the two of them, longtime A-listers and childhood buddies Ben Affleck and Matt Damon boast three Academy Awards and five Golden Globes from a combined total of 20 nominations during respective careers that have delivered a huge number of box office smash hits, critical darlings, and all-time classics. And yet, even the duo’s staunchest fans may be completely unaware they were listed as executive producers on 2005’s creature feature Feast.

Believe it or not, they weren’t the only major names attached to the $3 million horror in a producorial capacity either, with Affleck and Damon’s LivePlanet banner being joined by genre legend Wes Craven in the credits. In spite of its meager budget, director John Gulager’s pulpy midnight favorite was a box office disaster, even if it has gone on to enjoy minor cult classic status in the years since.

via Dimension Films

The story isn’t too dissimilar to From Dusk till Dawn with flesh-eating monsters substituted in for vampires, as a ragtag group of strangers barricade themselves in a bar in order to prevent the ghouls outside from getting in and turning them into a tasty, entrail-strewn snack. Feast did end up getting a pair of sequels, though, but it’s the original that’s circled back around to find renewed life on streaming.

Per FlixPatrol, the grisly effort has been feasting on the Starz charts as we head into the weekend, with those desperate for blood-soaked mayhem in the buildup to Halloween clearly willing to check out just about anything. It did Affleck and Damon’s seal of approval, so there’s always that.

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