‘A Day to Die’ trailer promises yet another tepid Bruce Willis actioner


Lately, Bruce Willis has been pumping out action movies like the genre is about to be declared illegal, and his latest, A Day To Die, now has a new trailer.

The Die Hard star has no less than seven actioners in various states of production with a total of three coming out in 2022. American Siege made its lackluster debut in January and Gasoline Alley – no relation to the 102-year-old comic strip – will be released later this month.

A Day To Die is due out on March 4, and, if the new trailer is anything to go by, nothing indicates that fans of the 66-year-olds work can expect to have any curveballs thrown at them by his latest offering.

According to a press release, the film, also starring Frank Grillo, Kevin Dillon and Brooke Butler, follows “ex-military ops officer Conner Connolly (Dillon), who must reunite with his old crew to save his kidnapped wife from a ruthless drug lord by repaying $2 million in 12 hours.” In the film, Willis portrays a corrupt police chief that Dillon’s character has a score to settle with.

Not exactly rocket science. In fact, it may not even qualify as algebra. Willis seems to be content to drop another 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 equation and walk away with a paycheck. With a budget estimated to be somewhere between $5 and $20 million and a shoot that lasted six weeks, no one was putting in a lot of overtime on this one.

Critic Jonathan Sim tweeted that the upcoming movie looks to be “another VOD romp with Willis and Grillo sleepwalking for a paycheck as the bad guys kidnap the girl. AGAIN.”

And indeed, VOD releases are Vertical Entertainment’s stock in trade with a significant amount of their films never seeing a theatrical release.

Sadly, most of the cast has shown promise in other vehicles, none of them are known for rising above formula and this one is straight out of the baby aisle at the grocery store. Alas, A Day to Die will premiere in very select theaters and on demand March 4.