A dire box office bomb mounts a surprising charge on streaming

miss bala

Anthony Mackie and Netflix go way back, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s freshly-minted Captain America starring in a fair few exclusive projects for the platform since making his on-demand debut for the company in forgotten sci-fi mystery Io.

He followed that up with an episode of Black Mirror, headlined the second season of cult favorite sci-fi series Altered Carbon, took top billing in the surprisingly popular actioner Outside the Wire, lent support in dismal thriller The Woman in the Window, while he’s got Christopher Landon’s We Have a Ghost on the way.

miss bala

However, it’s a title that premiered in theaters before eventually making its way to Netflix that’s been mounting a surprising charge up the most-watched list this weekend. As per FlixPatrol, the almost impressively derivative Miss Bala has been generating a ton of interest from subscribers over the holiday period.

The gritty thriller barely recouped its $15 million budget from theaters and landed a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 21%, but that hasn’t deterred Netflix audiences. Gina Rodriguez plays a makeup artist who falls foul of a Mexican cartel, which snowballs into a twisting conspiracy involving corrupt cops and the feds. It’s a solid premise, but the execution leaves an awful lot to be desired.