A dire Bruce Willis thriller shoots for Netflix success


Although his recent filmography might suggest otherwise, Bruce Willis movies do occasionally arrive in theaters, even if it’s become increasingly rare as the action icon hedges his bets on a succession of forgettable VOD genre films that tend to arrive at alarmingly regular intervals.

The actor has lent his grizzled talents to no less than nineteen features since the beginning of 2018, and a whopping four of them have seen the inside of a multiplex. Sure, his contributions to The LEGO Movie: The Second Part were limited to a cameo, Glass was a major disappointment and Motherless Brooklyn flopped, but they still happened played on the big screen.

death wish

The last of the quartet was the Death Wish remake, a new spin on the classic 1974 Charles Bronson revenge thriller that boasted some decent talent. Joe Carnahan wrote the script for Eli Roth to direct, but the end result was simply another turgid Willis vehicle that required very little of him other than scowling, grimacing and the occasional burst of violence.

An 18% Rotten Tomatoes score was exactly what Death Wish deserved, but it’s been experiencing a surprising resurgence on Netflix. As per FlixPatrol, the crushingly dull and painfully tedious retread has staked out a place on the Netflix most-watched list, with subscribers evidently more willing than most to give the fallen star a pass.