A dizzying thriller is hitting the heights of Netflix success


Remember when Sam Worthington was pegged as Hollywood’s next big thing? Anyone? Mainstream audiences were almost completely unaware of the actor before 2009, when he was suddenly thrust into the limelight as the next megastar-in-waiting.

His first major role in an American-backed production saw him get his name next to Christian Bale’s above the title of every Terminator Salvation poster before he took top billing in the highest-grossing movie ever made thanks to James Cameron’s Avatar, which he immediately followed up with the near half-billion hit Clash of the Titans, so he was off to the races in pretty spectacular style.

man on a ledge

Things tailed off from there significantly, though, and he’s never recaptured those levels of visibility since. That doesn’t mean all of his output has been completely forgettable, with dizzying thriller Man on a Ledge featuring one of his most accomplished performances.

Worthington’s ex-cop steps out onto the ledge on the top floor of NYC’s Roosevelt Hotel, but we slowly discover why he’s decided to take such a huge and daunting risk. An increasingly ludicrous yet satisfying genre piece, Man on a Ledge has been climbing up the Netflix most-watched list all week, as per FlixPatrol, and it’ll only go higher in the coming days.