A Dwayne Johnson Movie That Shamefully Didn’t Get A Sequel Is A Success On Netflix

Having gone by the name ‘Franchise Viagra’ in the past, Dwayne Johnson is a man who knows a thing or two about either creating a brand-new film series or turning an existing one into a bigger success. Sadly, he was at the beginning of his career when what’s arguably the single most underrated effort in his entire filmography arrived.

In fact, it’s been so long since The Rundown came to theaters in September 2003 that he was billed as The Rock in both the marketing and the credits, and there were probably a lot of people out there who didn’t have a clue what his actual name was.


The rainforest buddy caper sees Johnson’s retrieval expert Beck hired by a deliciously hammy Christopher Walken to track down his wayward son, played by Seann William Scott. However, Rosario Dawson’s rebel leader ends up drawing the mismatched duo on a hunt for hidden treasure, all while they try and evade the bad guys while attempting not to double-cross each other at every turn.

Unfortunately, The Rundown flopped hard at the box office after barely recouping the $80 million budget, despite winning praise from critics and the audiences that actually went to see it. Director Peter Berg has teased a sequel every now and again, but fans will have to make do with revisiting the movie on Netflix, which they’ve clearly been doing after it crashed right into Netflix’s Top 20, as per FlixPatrol.

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  1. Moviebuffsays:

    Maybe it’s been so long that you don’t recall the actual movie. It’s wasn’t Christopher son Beck was after. Christopher ran the gold mining town and Beck paid him off to be able to get the kid which didn’t work cause the kid ended up with the artifact.

    1. Factmansays:

      I can’t believe this person actually published this article with the wrong facts. What’s going on?

    2. It was also called Welcome To The Jungle when released in Australia originally

    3. Stepasays:

      True and they changed the name of the film

    4. LowKeysays:

      THANK YOU!!! That was driving me crazy. 😂

  2. SugaComasays:

    Sounds a lot like “welcome to the jungle” one of the best buddy movies with Dwayne Johnson, Stiffler and a Scotsman who heads cattle with his bagpipes

    1. Bibstersays:

      I remember it as welcome to the jungle. I thoroughly enjoyed it

    2. JungleFeversays:

      I own the physical movie as Welcome to the Jungle, literally a great title. I guess the Rundown is the American title, I’ve got loads of HKL UK titles that are different to US release names. So annoying they do that. Even Jet Lei’s awesome Unleashed had a different title that just wasn’t good.

  3. Keegansays:

    Yeah it wasn’t Christopher Walken that hired the Rock and it wasn’t Walkens son.

  4. Captn codpiecesays:

    Defo a mint and funny film should do another one

  5. Avaricious Primesays:

    Try and get the details correct before publishing if you want to be viewed as a professional outfit

  6. John Doesays:

    Please watch the movie again as Christopher Watkins was not the father of the son that he needed to find..

    1. SoLsays:

      More like actually watch the movie once, cause I saw it when it came out 18 years ago and I remember that Walken was the Gillian of the village, not Beck’s employer.

      Amateur hour.

  7. John Doesays:

    Christopher Walken was not the father looking for his son!! Maybe it’s time to watch the movie again before reporting incorrect information!!

  8. Dumbosays:

    The original title was Welcome to the Jungle. Only reason it was changed to The Rundown is jumanji was given the sub name Welcome to the Jungle. Films shouldn’t have their names changed to suit another film

    1. I said thatsays:

      Just like this article you are wrong. It was released in the US as The Rundown and internationally as Welcome to the Jungle. Jumanji with the tag line Welcome to the Jungle didn’t come out until 14 years later in 2017.

  9. Jakesays:

    Johnson’s character, Beck, was hired by Scott’s on screen father. Johnson simply referred to him as Walker which was his last name of course. This father character was played by William Lucking. People may be more familiar with his performance as Piney in Sons of Anarchy which came some time later after The Rundown. Lucking has an impressive 161 actor credits on his IMDB profile.

  10. Amersays:

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    1. Amersays:

      My bad, wrong article.

      1. MikeM375says:

        Well done.

    2. WadeWilsonsays:

      Just out of curiosity what in the hell does this have to do with this movie review? You want to spout this bullshit do it somewhere else

      1. Mecca Deccasays:

        They said sorry and besides it’s true

    3. DemocrapsRulesays:

      Wow what insight! Screw law school your ready for the bar now.👍🏻

    4. TruthHurtssays:

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    5. TruthHurtssays:

      You’re trash and so is your opinion

  11. Don’t remember Walking being the dad. Also no mention of the Arnie cameo. I think this guy never saw the movie but he’ll give a review anyway. Wtf

  12. Salsays:

    Great,great action movie.
    Guys swing on vines and beating up on The Rock,herding cattle with bagpipes,Sean Williams Scott and Rosario Dawson are equally as good as Walken. Plus hidden treasures. What’s not to like.
    However,whomever wrote this article needs a dunce hat and be put in the corner.

    1. SoLsays:

      Thunder and Lightning

  13. Fastsays:

    Christopher Walken did NOT play the father in the Rundown. He played the bad guy.

  14. Big dogsays:

    How can you be paid to write articles when your story is completely wrong, my God you suck at this

  15. Bubba whitesays:

    You do know that is the wrong storyline? The Rock was hired by his boss, William Lucking (Piney Winston from SOA), who sent Johnson to retrieve his son, Seann William Scott, from an Amazonian mining town run by the character played by Christopher Walken. Kind of sad that you would publish this without knowing the actual facts of the movie. I believe in the writing world they call people like that a “hack”.

  16. Elmo Feenwatersays:

    Walken was the bad guy, not the Dad. Watch the movie, chump!

  17. Jmumblessays:

    I thought it was great when I saw it in the movies

  18. Jmumblessays:

    I thought it was good on the DVD release idk if they had blue ray I mean I know I got on blue ray now but when that shit came out blockbusters was a thing

  19. Editorsays:

    You got the characters relationship wrong. Cmon man!

  20. Jacemonneysays:

    This article is incorrect unfortunately. Christopher Walken was not the father. William Licking played the father. Walken’s character was the self proclaimed dictator of the gold mining town who wanted the artifact called “The Gato”

  21. Just a guysays:

    To the OP, Scott, please let this roasting in the comments section serve as a lesson to either watch the movie, or verify that you have read a good synopsis before writing your next piece involving a film. If it’s this bad on something as little known as the Rundown, I would hate to see what would happen for something with actual fans. 🙂

  22. Stupidamericansays:

    I absolutely loved this movie, it’s so much better than this article. It’s got a bunch of camera tricks that weren’t very common at the time but are popular still. In the US it released as rundown and sadly isn’t currently on Netflix. It is on peacock through 1/1/22 though.

  23. HammerOGodsays:

    Such a simple thing to actually go online and RESEARCH WHO IS IN THE MOVIE PLAYING WHICH WHICH PART. Sheesh…….

  24. N1TROS1DE78says:

    So the person that’s “paid” to write this stuff obviously hasn’t seen the film, also telling us it’s on Netflix was a waste of time as its NOT even on there! So not only have I wasted time reading this c*@p I then wasted more researching it, then some more to write this! so on the whole I’d say one big waste of time, Not the best writeup by a long shot but my problem is with the “clickbait” nature of the whole thing.

  25. Realitysays:

    The movie was garbage.

  26. Chumly65says:

    Chris Walken did not hire the rock you must not have watched this movie

  27. Gtusays:

    Another actor that’s sold out to his chi/comm Masters. Go shed a tear for your savior biden

  28. Colinsays:

    It’s not on Netflix it’s on peacock

  29. KBloveGodsays:

    Wow! Everybody that knows me knows The Rundown is my MOST FAVORITE MOVIE EVER and has been since it came out! Wow!

  30. No namesays:

    I enjoyed that movie.
    Also among the early “suddenly, Walken out of nowhere” occurrences.

  31. Strikersays:

    Obviously whoever wrote this article needs to go back and watch the movie. Because they don’t even know the characters. Christopher Walken is not the guy that hired back He’s the bad guy in the jungle.

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