A dystopian horror is a multi-platform streaming success


James DeMonaco’s claims that The Forever Purge would mark the final installment in the franchise didn’t hold water for very long, with Jason Blum admitting that he’d love to see the series continue, while Frank Grillo revealed he was set to return as Leo Barnes.

While the creator of the property hasn’t stepped behind the camera to direct since Election Year, DeMonaco was open when it came to saying if he’s to take the reins on The Purge again, it has to be with Grillo in the lead or else he’s not doing it. However, the sixth installment is poised to feature a ten-year time jump, leaving The Forever Purge as the final near-future installment with direct ties to the first four.

The plot follows Adela and Juan, the latter of whom works as a ranch hand for a wealthy Texas family. On the morning of the annual Purge, a masked gang of murderers and thieves attack the clan, forcing them to team up with the help in a desperate battle for survival as the entire country descends into chaos around them.

The Forever Purge managed to earn $77 million at the box office on an $18 million budget despite the effects of the pandemic, and it’s been playing like gangbusters on streaming this week, too. As per FlixPatrol, the dystopian horror can currently be found on the most-watched lists of Amazon, iTunes and Google, making it an official multi-platform success story.