A Film With 0% On Rotten Tomatoes Is Climbing Up The Streaming Charts

Screengrab via Movie Coverage

A movie’s popularity isn’t always an indicator of quality, and a great example of that is the film White People Money.

The movie, which premiered last year at film festivals and debuted on streaming services earlier this year, has a 0 percent Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, obviously making it one of the lowest-rated films on the website. The movie also has an IMDb rating of 1.3 out of 10, so it’s pretty clear there aren’t many fans.

Despite its poor reviews, White People Money is among the top 10 movies on Hulu in the United States. It sits behind movies such as The Addams Family, Hotel Transylvania, and The Hunger Games.

Starring Drew Sidora, Barton Fitzpatrick, and Aaron D. Spears, White People Money centers around a struggling Black couple that randomly wins $1 billion as a part of a giveaway by MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The couple, although elated to have won, have to find ways to keep their newfound fortune a secret from friends and family, fearing jealousy could ruin their lives.

If you wish to see whether you’d like the movie, it is available to stream on Hulu, as well as to rent on services such as Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV.