A Forgotten Dave Bautista Movie Is Blowing Up On Netflix

dave bautista

For someone who likes to point out that their career isn’t all about starring in action movies despite his mountainous size and the path trodden by fellow ex-WWE stars Dwayne Johnson and John Cena, Dave Bautista hasn’t half appeared in more than a few of them.

Obviously, that was to be expected during the earlier days of his career before he had a chance to prove himself, but he’s now in a position where he’s actively being sought out by acclaimed filmmakers like Denis Villenueve to play parts in their latest projects.

final score

It’s been a rapid rise to the top for Bautista, who was almost a complete unknown in Hollywood when he was first cast in Guardians of the Galaxy, but one of his first films as a producer is currently rebounding on Netflix as per FlixPatrol, and Final Score is a gloriously stupid slice of mid budget entertainment.

Bautista plays a former soldier attending a football (or soccer) game when terrorists seize control of the stadium, forcing him to take matters into his own hands. Final Score never takes itself too seriously and embraces the sheer ridiculousness of the setup, which might be part of the reason it’s been finding a new lease of life on streaming.