A Forgotten Jason Statham Movie Is Dominating Netflix

Jason Statham

In terms of Netflix subscribers flocking to a star’s back catalog any time a new movie is made available, Jason Statham is quickly earning a reputation as the streaming service’s chrome-domed, ass-kicking version of Adam Sandler, such is the popularity of his mid-budget actioners on the world’s most popular streaming service.

In the last few months alone we’ve seen titles including Homefront, Safe, War, Mechanic: Resurrection, Hobbs & Shaw, Crank and many more find a new lease of life on Netflix, and the former competitive diver has landed yet another unexpected smash hit on the platform, with the largely forgotten Chaos having cracked the Top 10 most-watched list in the United States, as per FlixPatrol.


Despite boasting Statham and Wesley Snipes, the movie has an interesting history. It received a theatrical release only in the United Arab Emirates, and it wouldn’t reach Stateside shores until three years later, but only then was it quietly dumped onto VOD. A lot of that has to do with the production company behind Chaos getting into some serious financial difficulties, leading to its eventual bankruptcy.

It isn’t very good either, offering a standard tale of a veteran cop finding himself partnered up with a rookie, only for them to become caught up in a race against time to stop a rapidly evolving computer virus from crippling the global financial system. Absolute nonsense, then, but people do love them some Jason Statham on Netflix.