A Forgotten Linda Cardellini Movie Is Finding New Life On Streaming

What happens when a 35-year-old video game tester gets kicked out of his apartment and has to find a new place to live — and pronto? The premise for a hilarious comedy that’s finding new life on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. It’s currently been in the top 10 movies for the last four days on Hulu in particular according to stats from FlixPatrol.

Starring Linda Cardellini, Peter Dante, Shirley Jones, and Doris Roberts, Grandma’s Boy is just the comedic relief you could use after a long day.

The synopsis for Grandma’s Boy is as follows:

When he and his roommate can’t pay their rent, video game creator Alex finds himself homeless and moves in with Lilly, his wacky grandmother. Lilly and her elderly pals like to hang out in front of the television all day, but their constant presence puts a damper on Alex’s social life and pot smoking. Alex wants to court co-worker Samantha, but he’s preoccupied by a rivalry with another game designer, so the would-be relationship is in limbo.

With no house of his own, a career in limbo, and a could-be relationship with several obstacles in the way — it seems like Alex’s life is in shambles. The truth is, his life is actually about to fall into place, and there are hilarious events that happen on his path to figuring it all out.

You can watch Grandma’s Boy on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video now.