A Forgotten Tom Cruise Movie Is Rebounding On Netflix

tom cruise

Tom Cruise is no stranger to blockbusters, with almost every single one of his thirteen movies since 2010 costing upwards of $100 million to produce, but the action icon doesn’t really do sequels.

Obviously, Mission: Impossible 7 has finally wrapped production and he’s preparing to dive straight into his eighth outing as Ethan Hunt, but the 59 year-old has only played two other characters more than once. It took him 35 years to strap in for his second outing as Pete Mitchell in next summer’s Top Gun: Maverick, but Cruise knocked out a pair of Jack Reacher movies in fairly quick succession.

The first installment was a solid old school thriller that allowed Cruise to headline a gritty genre film where he wasn’t required to save the entire world, but sequel Never Go Back was a disappointment. By the leading man’s lofty standards it fared poorly at the box office, bringing in $162 million on a $96 million budget, while critics weren’t particularly enthused either.

Reacher is sent back into action when an Army major is accused of treason. Suspecting foul play, the investigator seeks to prove her innocence, forcing him to go on the run to uncover a government conspiracy. It isn’t top-tier Cruise, but Never Go Back has been faring very well with Netflix subscribers recently as per FlixPatrol, where it’s currently the sixteenth most-watched title on Netflix.