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A glaring flaw in George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ world-building has been called out

Who would have thought that one of the biggest plot holes in all of 'Star Wars' comes down to futuristic fashion sense?

Well, what’s done is done. Star Wars will never be the same. Since the release of A New Hope, creator George Lucas has remained seemingly ironclad in his worldbuilding abilities, until now. It is with a heavy heart that we report the unthinkable, the visionary filmmaker behind the pop culture phenomenon has finally been brought to his knees — by a backpack. 

It seems that galaxy far, far isn’t remote enough to have come up with a solution for carrying things that doesn’t involve slinging nylon over your shoulder. Sure, they’ve got laser swords, blasters, and can travel through hyperspace, but when it comes to schlepping gear around it looks like the backpack is the most universal item of all time. 

As seen in the Tweet above young Anakin is rocking a pretty standard looking backpack, with the little top loop to prove it. Perhaps George understood that backpacks are space age enough to cut a rug in the Star Wars Canon, or maybe the filmmakers were just lazy. Who knows?

Regardless, Little Anni’s pack certainly stands out within the bounds of this space opera. Star Wars is known for having a very distinct clothing and accessory style, with rigid rules regarding what characters can and can’t wear. George Lucas has gone on record saying that in his masterpiece of science fiction, there are to be no glasses, zippers, or even bras (interesting choice there, George). If you’d like to get acquainted with the out of this world fashion rules of Star Wars, check out this article to get caught up with the latest trends. 

Maybe the filmmakers couldn’t come up with a workaround because backpacks are so darn perfect already. After all, Star Wars takes place a long time ago — so next time you look at your crummy old backpack, it’s not some lifeless piece of hardware, it’s an intergalactic fashion statement that’s lasted light-years.  

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