A Great Scarlett Johansson Movie Hits Disney Plus This Week


Disney Plus users around the globe have been loving Black Widow since its streaming debut last Friday, earning the studio around $60 million over its opening weekend. And, in a stroke of genius, another Scarlett Johansson movie is coming to the platform later this week, which should go down a treat with those who are hankering for more fresh ScarJo content. The film in question is 2011’s We Bought a Zoo, which drops on D+ this Friday.

As based on a true story, We Bought a Zoo is a family comedy-drama whose premise is pretty much spelled out in its title. Matt Damon plays Benjamin, a recently bereaved father of two who decides to give his family a much-needed fresh start and find them a new home. But it turns out that the home they decide upon also comes with the closed-down zoo next door. Benjamin elects to renovate the zoo and reopen it to the public, with the help of head zookeeper Kelly (ScarJo), who he strikes up a close bond with. Thomas Hayden Church and Elle Fanning are also in the cast.

Originally released by 20th Century Fox, WBAZ earned serviceable if mixed reviews at the time, while also bringing in a respectable $120 million at the box office. It wasn’t another Black Widow-sized blockbuster, then, but it could be the perfect appetizer for that Marvel behemoth as fans search for more films starring the actress on D+, having no doubt already exhausted all her MCU movies over the preceding seven days.

A sweet, sentimental watch for all ages, We Bought a Zoo is one of those Fox films that was already more of a Disney flick anyway, so Disney Plus is definitely the best home for it. Catch it on the platform in the US and Canada from this July 16th.