A Great Will Smith Movie Is Heating Up On Streaming


Will Smith‘s film Bad Boys for Life is currently performing well on various streaming apps, including iTunes, Hulu, and Netflix.

According to FlixPatrolBad Boys for Life is one of Netflix’s top ten action movies in various countries, including Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Malta, Norway, and Sweden. While in iTunes, the movie has reached the top ten list in three countries: Bolivia, Cyprus, and the Dominican Republic. On Hulu’s streaming app, Bad Boys for Life has received rave responses from viewers in the United States.

The 2020 film follows a widow and son of Benito, a Mexican drug lord who ultimately dies in prison, seeking revenge on everyone who put him there. One of those individuals includes Mike Lowrey, portrayed by Will Smith. After Lowrey is shot and wounded, he then turns to his partner Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and a new special tactical team named AMMO for help. But their mission becomes a bit complicated after Lowrey and Burnett clash with their counterparts throughout the film, making it a bit challenging to accomplish the task at hand.

Bad Boys For Life

The film also stars Derrick Gilbert, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Joe Pantoliano, and Charles Melton.

Since Bad Boys for Life release in 2020, it has generated $426.5 million worldwide, surpassing the $90 million it took to create the film.

The movie is the long-awaited third installment of the Bad Boys franchise. The film took a total of 16 years to be completed because of budgetary constraints.

Bad Boys for Life is currently streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes.