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A grotesque mind-numbing cult classic that left critics in awe is earning the praise of horror hardcores

This one will definitely weird you out.

Begotten horror
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In this day and age, silent films are a forgotten treasure of the past as dialogue-focused blockbusters have engulfed the cinematic scene. And while the horror genre has rarely utilized the silent approach, an underrated gore-fest feature that has been buried beyond the cinematic shadows has reared its ugly head just in time for this year’s spooky season. The film in question is Edmund Elias Merhige’s Begotten (1989), which has recently resurfaced in the hearts and minds of the horror-loving masses.

Over on the r/horror subreddit, Redditor u/bobskamali ignited the conversation by expressing that a friend encouraged them to watch the aforementioned film — which apparently presents a “hardcore” vibe that weighs heavily on the cerebrum.

In response, a selection of genre enthusiasts crawled from out of the woodwork to offer up their two cents regarding the controversial movie which, upon release back in the late ‘80s, caused a serious stir amongst moviegoers and no-nonsense critics.

One user reflected upon the movie’s stark “artsy” appeal and complemented its artistic importance in the world of cinema.

Another passionate user commended the movie’s undeniable brilliance, while adding that it’s definitely an “extreme” movie to behold.

Another user carefully dissected the movie’s engaging plot points — which includes a painfully artistic representation of the Bible — while adding that it dives into the “indie weirdo horror” window of content.

Over 30 years since its initial release, Begotten is still a much-discussed staple in cinematic horror that juxtaposes religion and jaw-dropping gore. And while it’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever see something of its nature in the modern age of film, it’s a truly fascinating flick that tests the complexities of our gray matter.

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