Check Out An Extended Clip From A Hijacking


A new clip from the Danish dramatic thriller, A Hijacking (or Kapringen as it’s known in Denmark), has been released. The film, written and directed by Tobias Lindholm, tells the story of the Danish cargo ship MV Rozen and its capture by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. A portion of the tense negotiations between the Copenhagen authorities and the hijackers is shown in the nearly three minutes of released footage that can be viewed below.

Pilou Asbæk and Roland Møller will appear as crew members Mikke, the chef of the ship, and engineer Jan, respectively. Some may recognize Asbæk from the showtime series The Borgias, where he plays enemy of the titular family Paolo Orsini. In the middle of this high stakes showdown is the CEO of the shipping company, played by Søren Malling. Tobias Lindholm has worked with both Asbæk and Møller previously in 2010’s simply titled exploration of the prison world R. The cast also includes Dar Salim, Gary Skjoldmose Porter and Amalie Ihle Alstrup.

From this clip, it seems A Hijacking will use unadulterated realism to capture the suspense and intensity of the event. There seems to be a conscious avoidance of adding a glossy finish or bombast performances, leaving a finished product free of artificial thrills. As we see, even a well organized plan of attack can take an unfortunate turn at any second and threaten the innocent lives of the crew.

Many reviews from the movie’s September 2012 release in Denmark and film festival showings have been positive, including our own. As Hollywood continues to churn out abundant large budget remakes and sequels, many of them disappointing and lackluster, audiences may find this psychological drama quite refreshing.

A Hijacking will open in theaters on June 21st.