A holiday horror hidden gem is available to stream now

Just because spooky season ends doesn’t mean that horror fans are ready to jump right into feel-good and jolly. Luckily for those who love a little horror mixed all year round, there are holiday movie options with a significant scare/gore factor.

One of those movies is called Better Watch Out, and while it’s easy to assume, from the title alone, that it would be a fun or a feel-good comedy surrounding the famous Christmas song. What quickly becomes evident is that it’s anything but warm and fuzzy. 

It’s a mix between Home Alone, The Babysitter, and Mean Girls all rolled into one. Okay, maybe a little less Mean Girls, but the idea is there; it’s all about getting even, the holidays, and of course, some bloody fight scenes.

The trailer was shared in a Reddit thread on the social platform today, and many commenters hailed the film as a great Christmas horror movie.

Here’s what fans are saying about Better Watch Out.

This fan recommends not reading too much into the film and just watching it.

This fan says it’s most definitely a fun movie to watch with those who don’t know what they’re getting into.

This user says the movie gets talked about a lot during the holidays; and that it never quite loses that excitement around the “dark turn.”

Not everyone loves the film, but they also say it’s not exactly the worst either.

Have you seen Better Watch Out? How do you feel about the movie? Let’s talk about it.