A Hulu original usurps the Netflix most-watched list


Proving that the streaming wars may not have been as heatedly competitive as we were led to believe, a Hulu original movie that only released four weeks ago is currently the second most-watched title on Netflix around the world.

You may be wondering why, when plenty of Hulu exclusives have simply been shuttled onto the Star expansion for Disney Plus, but the answer is almost disappointingly simple. Netflix stepped in to acquire the international distribution rights to The Batman writer Mattson Tomlin’s feature-length directorial debut Mother/Android, which has turned out to be a shrewd move.


As per FlixPatrol, Mother/Android has topped the charts in no less than 36 countries despite only premiering overseas yesterday, with subscribers checking out the apocalyptic sci-fi in their droves. Chloë Grace Moretz stars as an expectant mother forced to deal with the looming birth of her child in the midst of a robot uprising, as she makes a desperate attempt to secure her expanding family’s safety.

It’s an accomplished first-time effort from Tomlin, which was inspired by his own experiences, and Mother/Android features plenty of refreshing spins on the standard trappings we’ve come to expect from films revolving around the looming end of the human race.