A Jack Black Festive Favorite Is Streaming On Netflix


Today might mark the beginning of October, meaning that hearts and minds everywhere will slowly become increasingly consumed by all things spooky as we edge closer to Halloween, but Netflix are already planning even further ahead than that by adding a staple of the Christmastime viewing calendar to the library.

The Holiday is up there with Love Actually as one of those movies that people return to on an annual basis, with rom-com veteran Nancy Meyers delivering what’s effectively the film version of wrapping yourself in a warm blanket and hunkering down in front of a roaring fire with a hot mug of cocoa.

The Holiday

Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet agree to swap homes with each other, with the former navigating a quaint English village while the latter luxuriates in a massive Hollywood mansion. As if right on cue, a pair of charming locals end up wooing both ladies on either side of the Atlantic, in a movie that fans will defend to the death. A 49% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes is blown out of the water by an audience rating of 80%, proving how popular the 2006 hit has remained.

Jack Black proves himself an adept romantic lead, with Jude Law rounding out the central quartet, but it’ll be interesting to see if a festive favorite like The Holiday manages to put much of a dent in the most-watched list when the majority of Netflix subscribers will be gearing up for Halloween instead.