A Jason Statham Classic Is Blowing Up On Netflix

Jason Statham

Jason Statham is no stranger to sequels and franchises, having lent his talents to a trio of Transporter movies and The Expendables trilogy, with his cameo in Fast & Furious 9 marking his fifth appearance in the series, while The Meg 2 is set to kick off production next year.

However, arguably the best multi-film saga the action icon has graced ended far too soon after just two installments, and each passing year only serves to make the possibility of a third Crank even more remote. It’s been fifteen years since the original and twelve since High Voltage, and it’s a crying shame we didn’t get to see another demented adventure for Chev Chelios.

The opener is currently experiencing a resurgence on Netflix having cracked the Top 20 most-watched list, and it’s an absolute riot. Chelios is poisoned by a crime lord and poised to die a slow death, unless he keeps his adrenaline levels high. What follows is a raucous rampage through the streets of Los Angeles as he seeks to gain his revenge before his heart simply gives out.


The follow up was even more insane and saw Chev require an electrical surge to jump start his ticker going after the flesh and blood one was stolen, but if you haven’t seen Crank and you’re a fan of the action genre, then add it to your watch-list immediately.

Talk of a third chapter has cropped up every now and then, but even though the films combined to earn $77 million at the box office on combined production costs of $32 million, generate in excess of $50 million in domestic home video sales and gain a legion of fans, it doesn’t appear as though we’ll be getting any more Crank.