A laughably inaccurate historical epic is now streaming on Netflix


Even though the movie was an undeniably huge success, hauling in $213 million at the box office against a $70 million budget before going on to win five Academy Awards from ten nominations including Best Picture and Best Director, history has not been too kind to Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.

In the quarter of a century since the rousing epic was first released, it often comes up in the conversation when naming the least-deserving winners of the most prestigious prize in the business, while the only thing on display in Braveheart that’s more questionable than the accents is the historical accuracy.


The 13th Century story was blasted by historians and the Scottish public alike for playing very fast and loose with the facts, even if it wound up having a positive impact on the country’s tourism industry in the long run. William Wallace’s origins, the Battle of Stirling Bridge that doesn’t feature a bridge, the face paint, the kilts, the entirety of Isabella of France’s arc and much more was miles wide of the mark.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Braveheart isn’t an entertaining ride, because it still delivers and then some when it comes to the brutal battle scenes. If you don’t mind the glaring holes in the actual history, it’s now streaming on Netflix from today for you to enjoy.