A look at Betty White’s best on-camera moments

betty white at beastly ball
Angela Weiss/Getty Images

The loss of Betty White is something fans are still struggling with, but in the days since her passing, the tears are slowly turning to laughter as fans have taken to social media some of her most hilarious moments. It’s hard to narrow down the best of Betty White, as everything she touched was golden (pun intended), but people are certainly trying.

From her first roles to help define early television history, to her funniest interview moments and award ceremony appearances, White brought light and joy into every room she entered. It seemed impossible to be in White’s company and feel anything less than completely happy and content.

Fans looked up to her for the star power she brought to each role, and marveled at the kindness and the humor she shared with the world. A cockeyed optimist, White knew that laughter and finding the positive were secrets to staying healthy — and keys to longevity. White didn’t just live a long life; she lived a full one.

So as we honor her legacy, we’d like to share some of our favorite Betty White moments that social media users have helped us remember.

When White was honored with a SAG Lifetime Achievement award, Sandra Bullock spoke about her contributions to the entertainment world before White was brought to the stage. White, of course, had to thank her, and the words she chose never fail to make us laugh.

White’s full speech was just as phenomenal.

President Obama even worked White into a hilarious clip that will go down in history as one of the greatest pop culture moments.

When Steve Harvey had “hard-hitting questions” for White, she had a hilarious response to each. Our personal favorite was the “Hollywood” response.

In this short clip, White is just a gem.

This one is a little raunchy, but as Joey Nolfi notes, she pulled it off!

We know this isn’t a clip, but it’s a gif of a hilarious scene where White just shines.

White had an excellent interview with Johnny Carson in 1987 that fans still love to look back on.

Asked about Heaven’s existence and what White would like to hear God say, her answer was heartwarming and said in complete adoration of her late husband, Allen Ludden.

Ryan Reynolds and Betty White have had one of the most incredible relationships in the industry, and this clip is a preview of how hilarious and wonderful their chemistry is.

Another wonderful TV moment comes from White surprising Morgan Freeman at the ceremony for his AFI Lifetime Achievement award. White breaks out in a song and dance number — leaving the audience in stitches, and Freeman looks on at her fondly.

White was as snarky as she was hilarious, and these insults from her time as Elka on Hot in Cleveland will have you laughing so hard you cry. The cast had so much fun together, and the chemistry White had with each of them brought so much humor to the series — we can’t imagine anyone else having played the role of Elka. 

No list of White’s best television moments would be complete without acknowledging her role as Rose Nylund in The Golden Girls. So many of her biggest fans fell in love with Rose, and the authenticity White brought to the role. White was sharp, intelligent, hilarious, and compassionate. While Rose is seen as simple and quite aloof, White’s charm and charisma highlighted the character and drove her to become a fan favorite.

St. Olaf stories were a staple to the Golden Girls, and White executed them with absolute skill. We can’t sit through a story about Roses’ time in St. Olaf without laughing so hard we cry.

And finally, this Golden Girls clip is more emotional, as she celebrates a special day and longs for Charlie, her late husband. The emotion she had here wasn’t a “funny” moment by any means, but it was such an epic one, we had to include it.