A middling Leonardo DiCaprio thriller is killing it on Netflix

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Oscar-winning star is no stranger to success, as can be seen by his multi-decade career, and therefore it’s no surprise to see one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s films also finding success as it rises up the Netflix charts.

The action thriller Body of Lies has been taking out the competition to make its way to number eight on the most-watched movies on Netflix as per FlixPatrol. The film follows Roger Ferris (DiCaprio) as he hunts down a powerful terrorist leader, but things get complicated when politics and lies begin to take their toll.

A film is almost guaranteed success when you have a star such as DiCaprio leading the way, but when you add other A-listers such as Russel Crowe, Oscar Isaac, who will star in Marvel’s upcoming Moon Knight, and Mark Strong, you get a film that is sure to blow audiences away. Add four-time Oscar nominee Ridley Scott as director, and it will be no surprise when the film brings in millions, which is exactly what Body of Lies did, $115 million in fact.

This isn’t always a recipe for success though, as can be seen by Scott’s recent film The Last Duel which bombed at the box office. Why did it do so bad? Well, Scott infamously blamed millennials for ruining the movie’s chance at success.

Since the film’s release in 2008, DiCaprio has gone on to make many more hits such as the comedy Don’t Look Up which recently hit cinemas and is set to come out on Netflix on the 24th of this month. Despite DiCaprio having a problem with a Meryl Streep nude scene, the film has had no other issues and has gone on to find success, pulling in $500,000 worldwide in just under a week since its release.

With DiCaprio leading the way, Body of Lies is sure to continue rising up the charts as it entertains viewers from the comfort of their own homes. With plenty of mystery and action, it’s sure to blow you away.