A mistake in Spider-Man: Homecoming goes viral

It makes sense that tons of fans would be rewatching the MCU Spider-Man films with No Way Home so soon on the horizon hoping to find some hidden detail everyone missed. However, one superfan took things beyond what anyone could have imagined, using their extreme levels of knowledge to point out something no one else would have caught in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In a moment that is sure to make the script writers’ eyes roll — or perhaps bow their heads in deference — a user named drichm2599 on Reddit pointed out how the writers of the film managed to use the wrong Lego count for the Death Star mentioned in the film.

Apparently, the 2016 version of the Lego set only contained 3802 pieces, the number mentioned in Homecoming. However, to be more accurate, the writers should have referenced the 2016 Death Star which actually has 4016 pieces. The user knew which version was used because of the minifig also eventually shown on screen.

Check out the original post below.

While they are technically correct — the best kind of correct — people’s reactions to the post were probably the best part of it hitting Reddit. One user said that the movie was “literally unwatchable now” due to this issue.

It seems the MCU is absolutely dead to another fan due to the inconsistency.

Trying to one-up this impressive bit of nerdery however, another user had to point something out important about the logic of this new theory about the movie, going in-depth about the minifigs for Palpatine that have been available over the years.

And another presented a similar alternative theory about the minifig present.

With over 31.k upvotes across several different subreddits today, this bit of Spider-Man: Homecoming lore is one of the most talked about things in the entire MCU today. It just goes to show that sometimes a particularly studious fan really can get their fifteen minutes of fame.