A movie you definitely haven’t heard of is making a splash on streaming

broken law

There’s so much content on offer spread out across the increasing number of streaming services now available, that it’s almost impossible to predict which under-the-radar titles have the potential to break out from the pack and find an entirely new audience.

It’s typically the highest-profile originals or freshly-added blockbusters that dominate the online chatter and the most-watched list, but a very unexpected movie has come along to make a serious splash on the HBO Max rankings. As per FlixPatrol, micro budget Irish independent film Broken Law has shot up the charts by over 50 places to currently rank as the 22nd most popular title on Warner Bros.’ platform.

broken law

The budget was partially raised by a crowd-funding initiative, and the finished product premiered at the 2020 Dublin International Film Festival before quietly being acquired for distribution by one of the top streamers in the market, which has turned out to be a huge win for writer and director Paddy Slattery.

The plot follows respected police officer Dave Connolly, who finds himself torn between family and duty when his brother ends up getting into serious trouble with a group of local gangsters. Broken Law has 100% critical and audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes from a smattering of recommendations, so it might be worth your time checking it out.