A moving disaster drama washes up on the Netflix most-watched list


In the vast majority of cases, disaster movies tend to leave any real dramatic stakes at the door in favor of an increased focus and heavy reliance on spectacle, and applying the tropes of a subgenre that’s largely defined by grandstanding set pieces to a tragic true-life story requires a very deft and delicate balancing act.

Wolfgang Petersen had proven himself more than capable at marrying character-driven stories with pyrotechnics in acclaimed hits like In the Line of Fire, Outbreak and Air Force One, while he had previous on the seven seas thanks to his breakout feature Das Boot. With that in mind, he was the ideal candidate to helm The Perfect Storm.


Adapted from the creative nonfiction book of the same name by Sebastian Junger, which was itself inspired by the real-life events that unfolded in late 1991, a talented ensemble cast was gathered to bring a human element to the onslaught of CGI that would inevitably threaten to swallow the narrative whole.

Despite the best efforts of the stars, The Perfect Storm suffered a lukewarm reception from critics and audiences, although it did manage to nab an impressive $328 million at the box office. Over two decades later and the movie has washed up on the shores of the Netflix most-watched list after landing straight in the Top 20, as per FlixPatrol.