A much-anticipated horror comedy has just debuted with a delicious Rotten Tomatoes score

Anya Taylor-Joy as Margot in 'The Menu'
Image via Searchlight Pictures

Few bedmates manage to strike a balance between odd and familiar quite like comedy and horror, but upon closer inspection of the two genres’ relationship to tension and how they go about managing it, perhaps the oddity of it all diminishes quite a bit.

This year has been labeled a phenomenal one for horror many a time, and the horror-comedy combo has pulled its fair share of weight in such success, notably in the form of Studio 666, which starred rock icons Foo Fighters, and A24’s Bodies Bodies Bodies.

But the scrumptious mixture of jumpscares and belly-laughs hasn’t served up its last course just yet; we’re less than a week away from the theatrical release of The Menu, an upcoming horror comedy starring Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy, and critics are eating it right up, if an 88 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes is anything to go by.

Taylor-Joy stars as Margot, who finds herself as a guest at Hawthorne, a restaurant run by a celebrity chef (Fiennes) where the food is treated as thematic conceptual art. When she begins to make some unnerving observations, however, her romantic getaway with her husband quickly descends into something much darker.

Tasha Robinson of Polygon was impressed with the film, commending the creative team for striking a healthy balance between humor, drama, and thrills.

“There’s some knuckle-biting tension as viewers wait to see how it’ll all play out, but Mylod and the writers also suggest that it’s worth chuckling a little at everyone involved, whether they’re serving up fancy versions of mayhem or just paying through the nose for it.”

Deadline‘s Valerie Complex also praised The Menu, taking note of its deft social commentary on class and privilege.

The Menu provides unnerving satirical commentary on the class divide and how the wealthy are a bottomless pit of need that will never be satisfied.”

And Arizona Republic‘s Bill Goodykoontz echoed Complex’s thoughts on director Mark Mylod’s delightful punching-up against elite foodie culture.

“Director Mark Mylod’s over-the-top takedown of snobby food culture doesn’t stop with simply ridiculing the epicurean elite, he takes aim at the ultra-rich that fund the movement while taking the enjoyment out of it for everyday people by placing it far beyond their reach.”

The Menu will release to theaters on Nov. 18.