Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Newest Movie Is Number One On Netflix

While Netflix might not have Hamilton on their platform, this new Lin-Manuel Miranda movie (that was actually turned down previously by Dreamworks Animation) might be even better if streaming statistics are to be believed. Vivo premiered on Netflix on August 6th, 2021, and has quickly skyrocketed to become the most-streamed piece of media on the platform. It has been holding its place ever since.

The musical comedy focuses on Andrés Hernández and his kinkajou Vivo who play music together in the plaza in Havana, Cuba. When Andrés gets a letter from a lost love requesting to hear the romantic song he wrote just for her but dies too soon after to honor the request, Vivo and his niece and daughter go on an adventure to Miami to help her finally hear the tune.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote eleven songs for the movie and the incredibly catchy numbers have made it a major hit with fans. Only time will tell if this becomes another animated classic from Sony Animation to rival those produced by Disney and Dreamworks.

Source: Flix Patrol