A New Mission Begins In This Stylish TV Spot For Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar’s Kingsman series is nothing if not stylish.

True to form, 20th Century Fox and writer-director Matthew Vaughn delivered an adaptation dripping with style three years ago in the form of Kingsman: The Secret Service, and come September, Vaughn and his writing partner Jane Goldman will be delving into the Bond-like underworld of top-secret organizations and unhinged megalomaniacs plotting world domination once more thanks to Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

As the title suggests, the 20th Century Fox sequel heralds a change of location for Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and the gang, who travel across the pond – specifically to the mountains of Kentucky – in order to strike up an uneasy alliance with their American counterpart, the Statesman. Whereas Kingsman is a quintessentially British organization, the Statesman began life in America’s heartland – high up in the mountains, to be specific, where its HQ masquerades as a rather ostentatious whiskey distillery. Yes, come September, the Kingsman franchise goes global, and we know from The Golden Circle‘s previous trailers that Matthew Vaughn’s ambitious expansion has resulted in Channing Tatum (Tequila), Jeff Bridges (Champagne) and Pedro Pascal (Jack Daniels) joining the cast.

A new mission (and a new wardrobe!) awaits, then, and as you’ll see from today’s all-new TV spot, Vaughn hasn’t lost his knack for razor-sharp editing and witty dialogue. But can The Golden Circle possibly live up to expectations? Particularly after its predecessor scored a whopping $414 million worldwide? Time will tell.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle reports for duty on September 22nd, when Matthew Vaughn’s action sequel will be fighting off Battle of the Sexes, The LEGO Ninjago Movie and Boston Marathon drama Stronger in its quest for box office supremacy.

Source: JoBlo