A New Streaming Comedy Has A 100% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

It’s hard to believe that a comedy show could get a perfect score from critics but it’s somehow happened with this latest comedy hit on streaming services now. With legendary comedians Bobcat Goldthwait and Dana Gould at the helm however, it makes a ton more sense.

Joy Ride just released on streaming platforms and already has a mind-blowing 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. As one reviewer put it, “Joy Ride is the type of comedy film that more studios should be making.” The New York Times also said, “Both comics display the deliciously mischievous timing of old-school club veterans, reeling out outlandish yarns before yanking you back for the kicker”

Still not sure if this comedic documentary is for you? Check out a synopsis for Joy Ride and its trailer below.

“Frenemies and veteran comedians Dana Gould and Bobcat Goldthwait, having learned very little from their near-fatal car accident, get back on the road and journey throughout the American South. The documentary captures the duo as they carefully navigate highways and their decades-old contentious friendship; reflecting upon their careers and relationship with comedy. Buckle up.”

Goldthwait personally was in the spotlight recently for saying that cancel culture doesn’t exist while promoting the new film. With the recent controversy surrounding Dave Chappelle, it’s obvious he was making a small dig at the competing comic.

“People love to say, ‘George Carlin couldn’t do his act today! What would he say about all this?’ You know what he’d say? I know exactly what he’d say. He’d say something hilarious and cutting about your fucking bullshit. There is no cancel culture. It only exists if you’re a whistleblower or a victim.”

If you want to see why Joy Ride has been so loved by the critics who’ve seen it so far, you can find it streaming now on Prime Video.