A Nigerian Christmas film breaks into Netflix’s Top 10

a naija christmas

According to FlixPatrol, Nigerian’s A Naija Christmas is a top movie in various countries, including the Bahamas, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.

The film follows three sons whose mother gives a proposal before her untimely passing. The plan consists of one of her three children getting married and having a family, and whoever fulfills these wishes by Christmas will ultimately inherit the family home. 

The three sons include Ugo (Kunle Remi), Obi (Efa Iwara), and Chike (Abayomi Alvin). Ugo is a music producer who also owes a debt to a loan shark, and he’s romantically linked to Ajike (Segilola Ogidan), an avid churchgoer. Obi is a highly intelligent man that went viral for his public proposal to his girlfriend and boss Vera (Linda Osifo), while youngest son Chike is falling in love with an unidentified person. 

a naija christmas

Since A Naija Christmas, Kunle Remi starred in a movie called Baby Maker, which is scheduled for release in March 2022. In it, Remi plays Mofe in a film about a character named Nasa, told by her doctor to conceive a child after recovering from a myomectomy procedure.  After being pressured and failing IVF treatments, Nasa naturally gets pregnant with her best friend Mofe; when Nasa becomes pregnant, the dynamic of her friendship with Mofe changes.

That’s still a ways away, though, with Netflix subscribers clearly keeping themselves occupied with A Naija Christmas for the time being.