A painfully average animated movie is making huge gains on streaming


Animation is always going to be popular across every major streaming service for the sole fact that younger audiences have a habit of watching their favorite movies on repeat, something that drives plenty of parents mad.

A quick look at the Top 10 most-watched lists across the major platforms show that average-to-good family fare is as in-demand as ever, with Netflix duo Extinct and The Croods holding strong all week, while The Boss Baby‘s ominous return to forefront of pop culture during Macy’s Thanksgiving parade has seen it become HBO Max’s number one animated title.


Sticking with Warner Bros.’ platform, another unexpected returnee has gatecrashed the most-watched party, with 2018’s Smallfoot having jumped 24 places to snatch fourth position, as per FlixPatrol. As far as studio-backed animated fare goes, the whimsical adventure performed admirably from a critical and commercial perspective, but it was hardly viewed among the top-tier.

Channing Tatum voices a Yeti named Migo who discovers that humans are real, and not terrors created by his people to scare them into staying safe. He gets banished when they refuse to believe his encounter really happened, forcing setting him on a journey to prove that they exist, where friendship blossoms and… you get where things are going. Smallfoot is a harmless diversion at best, but sometimes that’s more than enough.