A pair of Clint Eastwood road trip movies find streaming success

the mule

Clint Eastwood turns 92 years old in May of next year, and yet the screen legend has absolutely no intentions of slowing down his output, which is a testament to his incredible work ethic.

Despite being a living, breathing icon of Hollywood, one with four Academy Award wins from eleven nominations under his belt and a laundry list of classics dating back decades, he’s only gotten more prolific as time goes on. In the last decade, Eastwood has lent his talents to a dozen projects as either an actor, director, producer or documentary talking head, but his last two star vehicles have seen him enter the unconventional road trip subgenre.

Cry Macho

2018’s The Mule saw him as a financially-stricken elderly gentleman who becomes a drug courier for a Mexican cartel, while this year’s Cry Macho found him as a washed-up former rodeo star who crosses the border to mount a rescue mission that’ll bring a young boy back to his father.

Eastwood is solid as ever as a leading man, maintaining that twinkle in his eye as he grizzles and glowers his way through the proceedings, and HBO Max subscribers are clearly getting a kick out of them. As per FlixPatrol, Cry Macho and The Mule have both staked out a place on the platform’s most-watched list, proving that the elder statesman can still draw in a crowd.