A pair of Gerard Butler favorites blast back onto the Netflix charts

Den of Thieves

Up until very recently, the only live-action role Gerard Butler had ever played more than once was that of Mike Banning, the head-stabbing and neck-snapping hero of the Fallen franchise, which is gearing up to shoot a fourth installment.

Outside of that, he’d returned for a cameo in 300: Rise of an Empire via archival footage and voiced Stoick the Vast in the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, along with a pair of short films, but the action hero is looking to get back into the sequel business in a major way if his upcoming slate is any indication.


On top of Night Has Fallen, surprise sleeper hit Greenland has a second installment in the works that sold for big money at Cannes, while that Den of Thieves follow up we’ve been hearing about for the last three years looks to be gaining some momentum, fun and sexy momentum no less if Butler’s recent comments are any indication.

As fate would have it, those two aforementioned star vehicles have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity on Netflix, as per FlixPatrol. Greenland has been rising steadily for days now with an eye on cracking the Top 20 over the coming days, while Den of Thieves has jumped 30 places overnight, proving once again that Butler can always be counted on to draw in subscribers.