A Paramount Plus original movie seizes the #1 spot on Netflix

the in between

It’s official; we are through the looking glass, people. In one of the most unexpected twists to hit the world of streaming in a long time, a Paramount Plus original movie has emerged as the number one most-watched title on Netflix.

Arie Posin’s The In Between first premiered on-demand this past February, but with Paramount’s in-house platform not yet available in a number of major international markets, Netflix swooped in last month to secure the overseas distribution rights, rebrand it as one of their own exclusives, and debuted it yesterday.

As per FlixPatrol, subscribers have responded in kind, with The In Between topping the global charts after instantly gatecrashing the Top 10 in no less than 79 countries around the world, and the sci-fi romance even managed to reach the top spot in 43 of them. Ironically, it looks as though the film will find a much bigger audience on a rival streamer than the one that actually funded the project in the first place.

the in between

Producer and star Joey King plays Tessa, who finds her life turned upside down in more way than one when she meets charming romantic Skylar, as played by incoming He-Man Kyle Allen. When he’s killed in a car accident, Tessa refuses to give up on their love, and finds herself increasingly convinced that he’s trying to contact her from the afterlife.

It’s incredibly sappy stuff, but that can often be catnip to at-home audiences on a lazy weekend. Reviews may have been so-so, but The In Between has evidently been hitting all the right notes for Netflix viewers.