A Period Drama You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Is Blowing Up On Netflix


Netflix‘s new film Amina is currently dominating the streaming app.

Amina, which doesn’t have much of an online presence or a Rotten Tomatoes page, is a top ten film in various counties, including Argentina, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile, according to FlixPatrol. The film is based on a true story and follows the life of Zazzau’s (now Zaria, Nigeria) 16th-century empire warrior, Amina. Amina was the first woman to become a queen in a male-dominated field and helped expand the Hausa people’s territory and trade routes in Northern Africa.

The film stars Lucy Ameh, Ali Nuhu, Clarion Chukwura-Abiola, Chris Gbakann, Ibrahim Mijinyawa, Yakubu Mohammed, and Ummi Mohammed. Upon the film’s premiere on Netflix on Nov. 4, Amina’s director Izu Ojukwu took to Instagram to disclose the importance of the film.

He wrote, “the story of the legendary Queen Amina of Zazzau whose daring courage and conviction set loose a series of upheavals that altered the fate of her people in ways that none could have thought possible was delightful and illuminating to film. It remains a peculiarly transformative experience for both our formidable cast and crew, a pleasurable experience you can share in when the film premieres on Netflix on the 4th of November.” Most of Amina was filmed in Nigeria, while post-production was based in Europe.

Amina is now streaming on Netflix.